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Caliper gauges

            Points to note about caliper gauges                          Information Site

            Find the right caliper gauge for any application
            Our range of caliper gauges includes various brands, so you can always find the right caliper gauge for your application. For applica-
            tions that require a high level of precision, use a top-quality product with a digital display and an increment of 0.01 mm or 1/50 mm
            Vernier. Opt for a caliper gauge with a readout increment of 1/10 mm or 1/20 mm if the application allows.
            Margin of error
            The following equation is used to calculate the margin of error (G). For the calculation, the values (mm) have been rounded to two
            decimal places. The margin of error applies to measurements in which the direction of the measuring force does not change.
            For measurements that include a change of direction, and for measurements using a depth gauge, the values increase by 20 €m. Dial
            caliper gauges or caliper gauges with an increment of 0.1 mm or 0.05 mm Vernier: G = (20 + l/10 mm) €m >50 €m.
            Vernier: Reading examples
            When reading the measurements, the index line on the Vernier scale should be treated as a decimal point that separates the whole
            numbers from the tenths of a millimetre. The number on the main scale to the left of the index line should be read first, as this rep-
            resents the "whole" millimetres. Then look for the Vernier scale line to the right of the index line — it will be covering a scale line on
            the main scale. This then indicates the tenths of a millimetre. Never include the index line for the Vernier scale in the calculations. The
            procedure is the same for caliper gauges with 20 or 50 increments, or increments in inches.
            Measuring range                Measuring range                 Accuracy in accordance with
                                                                           DIN 862:
                                                                           A = resolution/Vernier scale
                                                                           B = digital resolution

                                              external measurement                     ext. measure-

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